Sora no Woto

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Sora no Woto
Sora no Woto.jpg
Director/Artist Mamoru Kanbe
Format Anime (TV)
Made By A-1 Pictures/Aniplex
# of Episodes 12 + 2 OVA


Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama

Sum it up in a Sentence:

In a post-apocalyptic world, a girl joins the military to learn how to play "Amazing Grace" on the trumpet.

Main Description

After a great war that left vast parts of the war desolated and regressed humanity's technology to the standards of the mid 20th century, the conflicts between the fictional factions of Helvetia and the Roman empire remain. The young Helvetian girl Kanata joins the military as a bugler after witnessing a rendition of "Amazing Grace" by a strange woman. She is assigned to the small town Seize where she joins the other four members of 1121st platoon. Kanata tries to make friends with the villagers and the girls of the 1121st, but their peaceful lives are threatened when the hostilities between the two countries lead the on the edge of war.

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Personal Opinions


I didn't expect much from this show at first. It only caught my eye because the art style is very similar to K-On's and I thought that this was also about music. And while I certainly wasn't disappointed by the art style and animation of Sora no Woto, it soon turned out that the only music that was to be found here was "Amazing Grace". And they play that song pretty damn often. However, it's a good song and this show still managed to enchant me and has become one of my favorite shows. It starts a slice of life with the typical humor and cute stuff, but later develops more into a drama and I found all of that to be pretty well made. The characters may seem a little bland and archetypical at first, but they become more believable and realistic as the show goes on. Especially having a character that speaks flawless German with a cool Japanese accent totally won me over as a native speaker.

My one big gripe with this show is that it just doesn't seem finished at all. Some plot points aren't well developed if at all and the OVA made room for a whole new story line. I guess that the studios were aiming for another season, but I doubt that this will ever happen due to rather moderate success of this project. It's a shame since the whole scenario seemed really promising.

So, if you're into slice of life stuff and the likes, you should definitely watch this. And as long as you don't absolutely hate it and just want to watch a good show, give it a try. Also, in case you like all that anime music stuff, this show has a fantastic OP (both animation and music) and the ED and the image songs are pretty nice too.


I thoroughly enjoyed Sound of the Sky. It has pacing similar to ARIA, though with more somber undertones, on account of the war. Kanata even reminds me of Akari because of how she finds joy in the simplest things, something I find rather endearing. While it is, for the most part, fairly light hearted, it does delve into the tragedy that comes of war. Everyone in the show has seen the dispair that comes of it.

One small complaint that I have is that the trumpet fingering is off, though that's because I used to play it myself. As a slow paced slice of life anime, it's an easy recommendation to make.