Space Dandy

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The Dandiest Guy in Space.
Original Manga
Director/Artist Shinichiro Watanabe
Format Anime
Made By Studio BONES
Episode Length
# of Eps/Volumes 25


Comedy, Sci-Fi

Sum it up in a Sentence

An homage to old-school pulp science-fiction with a jazzy soundtrack.

Main Description

The story about "a Dandy guy in the Space," named Dandy. He only cares about two things: his hair and his dream of owning a space-Hooters one day. With a glorified cleaning robot named QT, a lazy cat-like alien called Meow, and a spaceship that's barely holding together, they travel across the universe looking for rare aliens to sell for Woolongs.

Also, there's an intergalactic war going on between two space empires and a talking gorilla who believes Dandy holds the key to winning that war, but no one cares about that.

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Personal Opinions


This is a trippy homage to pulp sci-fi that has gotten so much hype here in America I swear I saw a commercial for it on ESPN at one point. I hope that I won't regret saying this 5-10 episodes from now, but I freakin' love this show's warped sense of humor, the creative designs of the aliens, and the jazzy soundtrack. Don't expect anything resembling a coherent plot, just sit back and enjoy the ride.