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El. Psy. Congroo.
Original Video Novel 5bp/Nitroplus
Directors Hiroshi Hamasaki Takuya Sato
Format Anime (TV)
# of Episodes 24 Episodes, 1 OVA, 1 Movie


Sci-fi, Suspense

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Guy accidentally converts his microwave into a device capable of sending text messages to the past.

Main Description

Adaptation of the acclaimed visual novel from 5bp/Nitroplus. Okabe Rintarou is a self-proclaimed mad scientist and the leader of "Future Gadget Labs". While attending a lecture on time-travel with his childhood friend Mayuri, he witnesses the grisly murder of a young scientist. When Okabe texts his friend Daru about the incident, everything around him changes. The murdered woman, Makise Kurisu, is back to life and a mysterious craft has crash-landed in Akihabara. Soon the lab is engulfed in conspiracies and mysteries involving John Titor, the shadowy organization SERN, and a coming catastrophe that only Okabe can prevent.

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Personal Opinions


Steins;Gate is one of the best visual novel adaptations I've ever seen. The characters, especially Okabe, are compelling and likable and bounce off each other in a way that is incredibly fun to watch. The story is slow to get started, but just when you've taken the characters' peaceful everyday lives for granted, the story turns everything on its head. When it eventually does raise the stakes, it feels profoundly significant. It's tense, fascinating and obviously well-researched. The art is pretty above average as well, staying fairly consistent and detailed throughout all 24 episodes. The directing and cinematography also do more than their fair share of work in this show. The muted color palette, gratuitous use of dutch angles, and other tricks set a deliberately uneasy atmosphere that pervades even the most mundane scenes. Like most VN adaptations, Steins;Gate is occasionally plagued by awkward pacing and haphazard character focus, but these are relatively minor and don't detract much from the overall experience. This show is a must-see if you're into Sci-Fi.


It starts out at a slow pace that gradually picks up over the course of the series. Along with that progression is carried a lingering darkness that only seems to get bigger. The characters are great and really bounce off one another to produce some hilarious results. I wouldn't really say that there is a bad character in the series. But I will say that not every character you meet gets fully developed. This show is a fun ride with good science fiction. It plays within it's own rules very well and doesn't attempt to deviate at all.

A great anime that I'd recommend to anyone.


I think that Steins;Gate is the best anime of the first half of 2011, if not the entire year. Taking place in modern Japan, this show is about some average people that build a time machine out of household appliances and find themselves mixed up in all kinds of fun. Thankfully, all of the characters are pretty interesting and develop well, and even though there's some time looping, none of the episodes feel dry or boring. The show's plot is a little predictable at times and it goes a bit dark towards the middle, but I think that it's still a great show nonetheless. To date, I've only found one person that dislikes it! If you have the time, you should check it out sometime. There's a little bit of blood in it, but it's pretty clean aside from that.

a kitten

The cast is what pushes this series from being merely good to being great. Their interactions with each other are genuine and hilarious and when the plot really started rolling along it made me very invested in what happened to them, and how they all come out at the end. Witty and suspenseful this was a pleasure to watch from start to finish.


This isn't a show about a time traveling mad scientist. It is a drama about Okabe frantically trying to fix a mistake that put his friends in danger. It is a story of friendship and pushing the limits for those you care about. Time travel just ends up being a mechanic to drive Okabe's story, even though the topic is obviously well researched and a huge part of the show. This is one of my top 10 favorites of all time, and one of the best adaptations of all time.

In relation to the VN, it follows it pretty closely most of the time, which is a very good thing in this case because the VN is absolutely fantastic. The show doesn't go into as much depth as the VN on some topics (the show would have had horrible pacing issues if they did) and one particular detail of note is omitted entirely (it's strange because it's a detail that connects this to Chaos;Head and Robotics;Notes). There was also one section that was entirely redone, but I think it was for the better and the new version on its own is exceptional.


A fairly entertaining show about an awkward idiot who messes with time. Does contain some nerdy dialogue might detract from the experience for some viewers if not familiar with '*chan expressions', but don't let that dissuade you, these few lines are not important to the engaging plot. The series ends at what I believe to be a perfect point, but if it didnot satisfy you, watch the OVA and then the movie if you need to experience more Steins;Gate.