The Devil is a Part-Timer

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The Devil is a Part-Timer
Devil is a Part Timer.jpg
Directed By Naoto Hosoda
Written By Satoshi Wagahara
Format Anime
# of Episodes 13



Sum it up in a Sentence:

Never before has MgRonalds been so important for world domination.

Main Description

The Dark Lord Satan had almost conquered the world of Enta Isla, when the the Hero corners him, and he's forced to escape to another world. He, and his lieutenant, Alciel, escape, and wind up in modern Tokyo. Having lost most of their magic, Satan find himself working a part time job at MgRonalds to make ends meet while Alciel tries to figure out how to restore their magic, and return. Things don't go smoothly, however, as others from Enta Isla have followed.

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Personal Opinions


This show has such a generic premise, but it managed to be one of, if not the show of the season. It is really funny, which really comes through as they play the absurd concept completely straight. The characters are a lot of fun, the comedic timing is spot on, and it's consistently very funny. Sometimes it plays the tropes straight, otherwise it subverts them, but it's always entertaining. Give it a shot, and enjoy the faces.

The Devil Tesla

The biggest strength of The Devil is a Part-Timer is how strangely believable it is, like the whole joke about Satan actually being a very good fry cook because he ambitiously goes after those pointless promotions they give you. This kind of thing never leads directly to a punchline, but builds a world where the rest of the story happens. The characters are over the top, but never to the point where they aren't understandable. There's some stuff here that doesn't work (ep 10 is the beach episode and it's a bad one), but you should still check it out.


This is basically "Fantasy RPG Archetypes get dropped in Tokyo," but that premise really doesn't inform it as much as you'd think. There are relatively few "fish out of water" jokes about the characters against their setting; most of the humor is actually derived from characters' own expectations about each other. Since the characters are strongly defined, this works quite well. There's also a bit of swords-and-sorcery action, but only in certain episodes, and even when the tone gets slightly more serious, the show never forgets that it is a comedy.


Shouldn't have been entertaining, somehow is. The concept seemed dumb, the trailers were bad, but from the first episode on it was pretty damn hilarious and all. It comes down largely to a good cast and the quality of the execution.


As Zorak said, this is a show that shouldn't have succeded, yet did simply because of the quality of its execution. White Fox, the studio behind Katanagatari and Steins;Gate, is damn good at what they do.

Nate RFB

Surprise hit of the year. Took what should have been a completely run-of-the-mill and/or vapid light novel concept and took itself seriously to the point of actually greatly contributing to the comedy. It's going to be a while before we get any facial reactions as good as the ones here.


Comedic excellence. I'm astoundingly bad at articulating exactly why this show is so funny, but there wasn't a single episode where I didn't laugh my head off. I've written like five other sentences trying to elaborate but I haven't been able to. So I'll just say: funniest show of 2013, bar none, wrap it up.


The surprise hit for me for the year. I really can't believe how funny this show ended up being. The reaction faces, the comedic timings, the way the characters played off each other. They took a pretty ridiculous premise and made it work incredibly well.

Captain Invictus

Bar none the show of the season. Outstanding humor, characters, faces, action, unexpected twists, and genre savviness. By far the most surprising thing to come out this year, maybe even the last few years. I loved the hell out of every episode, even the anime-only episode was pretty decent. Chiho manages to be the big-boobed babyface and yet still be an excellent character in her own right, which is...uncommon in anime. I can't wait for a second season, and apparently by now there's enough LN material to produce another season or two.