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Uzumaki Cover.jpg
Written By Junji Ito
Illustrated By Junji Ito
Format Manga
Magazine Big Comic Spirits
# of Volumes 3


Horror, Psychological

Sum it up in a Sentence

Spirals take over everything. (No, not that one.)

Main Description

Kurozo-chu is a seemingly ordinary small Japanese town until a number of strange incidents occur. All of these incidents involve the shape of the spiral, and seem to get more far-reaching and supernatural as time goes on. The common thread in all of the stories is high school student Kirie and her strange and paranoid boyfriend Shuichi, who try and stay sane as the town around them is consumed by the spiral obsession.

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Personal Opinions

Food Court Druid

I've never read anything quite like Uzumaki. The artwork and storytelling work together to create an atmosphere of slight unreality and growing madness. If you're at all interested in horror this is a must-read, and even if not you should give it a try. It's only 3 volumes so there's no excuse.


It was well written and had a great atmosphere, but at the same time I couldn't help but stand back occasionally and laugh at the subject matter. The SPIRALS, they're gonna get you! Also the little two page "author's note" by Junji Ito at the end of each volume is hilarious.


This was a great introduction to Junji Ito's works for me, and I'm typically not even a fan of horror. And odd as it is, making spirals the topic of horror is both silly and creepy at the same time. Really good read.


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