Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

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Wolf Children Ame and Yuki
Wolf children.jpg
Original Manga N/A
Director Mamoru Hosoda
Format Anime (Movie)
Made By Madhouse
Length 1 hour 53 minutes


Drama, Slice of Life, Fantasy,,

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A single mother raising two human/wolf hybrids in rural Japan.

Main Description

College student Hana falls in love with a unnamed man who reveals to her that he can transform into a wolf at will. They later go on to bear two children together who will inherit their father's ability, "Yuki" who was born on a snowy day and "Ame" who was born on a rainy day. Shortly after Ame's birth, Hana is left to raise the children alone. After having difficulties raising them in an urban city, she decides to move to the vast and open countryside where she can raise her two children in a better environment.

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Personal Opinions


Another beautiful gorgeous movie from Hosoda that seals his spot as one of the best anime directors out there. This one chronicles the journey of a single mother's hardships to raise her family, and is something you don't see often in anime. Even though with the odd choice of having humans who can turn into wolves, everybody feels down to earth and easy to relate to. The story is also great, moves at a comfortable pace, and it will probably move you to tears at least once.


This movie was really just great. It did an awesome job at portraying the love and struggles of a mother and even though it had a bitter sweet ending, it didn't feel like a cop out or unsatisfactory in any way. I think this movie did an exemplary job at depicting realistic characters and emotions out of a fantastical setting.