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Original Manga Karino Takatsu
Director/Artist Yoshimasa Hiraike
Format Anime (TV)
Made By A-1 Pictures
Episode Length 25 mins
# of Eps/Volumes 13 (Season 1)

13 (Season 2)


Comedy, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Guy works at a restaurant with a bunch of weirdos.

Main Description

Takanashi Souta loves cute things. Taneshima Popura, who is out looking for part-timers for the restaurant she works at, happens across Takanashi. Takanashi initially mistakes her for a lost child until she reveals her school ID and proves to actually be older than him. Bewildered that an upperclassman of his could be so childlike, he agrees to take the job at Wagnaria, a family restaurant in Hokkaido. As it turns out, the tiny Popura isn't the only peculiar staff member. Mahiru Inami, an androphobe with a violent streak, Todoroki Yachiyo, the Katana-wielding waitress, and Shirafuji Kyoko, the apathetic ex-delinquent manager also work at the restaurant.

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Personal Opinions


Despite a fairly unoriginal premise, and shallow characters, it still manages to be quite charming and genuinely funny. Also, the OP is goddamn adorable.


This is my guiltiest pleasure. I have no idea why I like this show so much, when everything about it is irredeemably stupid. But I guess that's part of the charm. The character interactions are pretty damn hilarious, especially between Takanashi and Inami, and as mentioned, the OP is amazing. Easily my favorite OP out of anything. Throughout this entire show, I couldn't stop the stupid grin that found its way onto my face from how adorable it all was.

Robert Denby

Here's a show that got exponentially better as it went along. The first season starts out kinda mediocre, but is just funny and engaging enough to where you keep watching it. The pace is too slow, and there's not a whole lot going on, especially since the Inami/Takanashi romance is taking up nearly all of the show's running time. Then at the halfway point of the show we're introduced to Yamada, the kind of character who can either ruin a show or set it in exciting new directions. The latter holds true here. Suddenly, the show runs at a better clip, with the characters really falling into place for better comedy set-ups.

So season one ends on a good note, but then the second season comes around and dramatically improves every single aspect of it. Stuff that got too much emphasis in season one gets toned down, many of the characters go from being quirky to borderline insane, and the comic timing is near-perfect.

With season two, Working!! becomes one of the better (if not one of the best) anime comedies out there, and it's a must watch for anyone who needs something light and funny. Here's hoping a season three is coming.

a kitten

Season one was decent, helped along a lot by having a good mix of genders and ages all in the cast together.
Season two knocks it completely out of the park. The jokes are funnier, the characterization is better, the timing is spot on, visual gags more amusing and even the animation is improved. It's worth watching the first season, it isn't bad by any means, but season two is out of this world.


I loved this! Very cute and funny. I'm afraid I can't recall if I only saw the first season or both. Sounds like I need to double-check because I'd love to have more of this show to watch (especially if it gets even better!) Note: I only watched some fan subs that were available at the time but apparently this show has been picked up for official translation under the name Wagnaria!! (the name of the restaurant they work at.)


This show just does not let up. It kept me smiling, if not outright laughing, pretty much the entire time I was watching. Since I marathoned each season, it felt like my cheeks were cramping by the end of them. In a short sentence, this show is a bunch of weirdos with strange complexes making fun of each other yet helping each other out as any friend would. This show is one of if not the best and most consistent comedies I have ever seen.


What we have here is a show whose entire cast ranges from mildly neurotic to completely insane. There are times when this can be kind of irritating. But when it works, I've never laughed harder at something like this.