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Cover art of Vol. 1 of the English version
Original Manga Kiyohiko Azuma
Format Manga
Published By ASCII Media Works
Magazine Dengeki Daioh
# of Manga Volumes 12 (ongoing)


Slice of Life, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence

A manga by mangaka Kiyohiko Azuma, Yotsuba&! (Yotsubato! or, literally, Yotsuba and...!) is about a five year old, green haired girl named Yotsuba Koiwai and her adventures around her house and neighborhood with her friends and father.

Main Description

Yotsuba&! is an often nonsensical, absurd, and comical slice of life story. Yotsuba is decidedly strange, unusual, and very energetic, which combined with her ignorance of many objects/ acts of modern daily life, including escalators, air conditioning, apartments, and so forth create a comedy element. The chapters are self contained anecdotes connected chronologically, telling of Yotsuba's discoveries and interactions with the world around her.

The story begins with Yotsuba and her adopted father, known simply as Mr. Koiwai or "Dad", moving into a neighborhood in Japan from somewhere abroad, assisted by Koiwai's best friend, an immensely tall Japanese man known as "Jumbo". In the neighborhood, Yotsuba quickly meets new friends with the neighboring Ayase house, including the youngest, Ena (a few years older then Yotsuba), Fuuka (a responsible sixteen year old who often finds herself helping out somehow at the Koiwai household), and Asagi (an irresponsible college student who Jumbo falls in love with). The story largely revolves around Yotsuba interacting with these core characters (and sometimes the Ayase family's parents, as well as Ena's friend Miura, Asagi's friend Torako, and Mr. Koiwai's "other friend", Yanda).

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Personal Opinions


Reading this will automatically perk up your day, no matter how shitty it is. The art is also extremely detailed and should be enjoyed like a fine wine.


Just read this, it's fantastic.

a kitten

Yotsuba& is a fantastically funny and well drawn manga that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless if they are a fan of the medium or not. It starts out pretty strong, and as it progresses the writing and art just continue to improve.

Robert Denby

Here is Japan's answer to Calvin and Hobbes. A chill, adorable, and gut-bustingly funny piece of work that will bring a smile to even the biggest cynic. The art style is great, shifting between near-photo-realistic detail and cartoonish anatomy for great comedic effect.


Yotsuba& is completely charming and happy throughout without being saccharine, and by the later chapters the art goes from good to completely amazing. Pick up a volume, flip through it.